Light up the road with brighter halogen bulbs

Light up the road with brighter halogen bulbs


Halogen light bulbs for your car, motorcycle or truck are often expensive.

Halogen bulbs burn around 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which is extremely hot. This makes halogen light bulbs unusable for certain applications and ideal for others.

If halogen bulbs aren’t compatible with your car, try a xenon bulb, as they are growing in popularity. Due to its high quality, a xenon bulb can be pricey.

Xenon bulbs are similar in performance to halogen bulbs, with slightly different criteria.

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Types of Bulbs

Some of the benefits of Xenon bulbs include a longer life than halogen light bulbs, they burn cooler, have no harmful UV rays, and they can be handled with bare hands.

Identify bulbs by the following criteria:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Voltage
  • Wattage

Watts and Volts

The average high beam headlights are rated at 55 – 70 watts each.

The average amp for two headlights used together is 12 amps, while most aftermarket headlight switches are based on a load of 15 amps.

If you plan to switch to halogen headlights for your car, keep in mind that they pull 17 amps or more.

Why Switch?

Many older cars came equipped with frosted tungsten sealed beam headlights and these can, at some expense, be converted to xenon or halogen to improve driving at night.

Stock bulb headlights can be replaced directly with PlasmaGlow Xenon HID replacement bulbs. These bulbs work at high performance ratios.

When seen at an angle, these headlights show a halo in blue and purple that catches the eye. The lighting effect is created by krypton that glows with a smoky light.

You may wish to check with the local authorities before you install any plasma head lights, halogen light bulbs, or xenon bulbs in your car.


Companies that manufacture high performance bulbs include: Osram Sylvania, Piaa USA (Professional Halogen Lamp Systems and Halogen Floods), Opticon and Carello.

More bulbs are provided by Osram, Narva, GE, Maglite, Phillips, Silverstar, Westinghouse, Solux, Hiper Industries & Naxos.

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