Video Projector Lamps
Get long life projector lamps, fluorescent light bulbs and Piaa bulbs for your home & office

Get long life projector lamps, fluorescent light bulbs and Piaa bulbs for your home & office


Manufacturers today are making specialized light bulbs for common needs. Projector lamps for the workplace, fluorescent light bulbs for full spectrum detailing, and bulbs for funky headlights are available online.

Fluorescent light bulbs and projectors are common in hospital emergency rooms and offices. These high voltage light bulbs provide top quality lighting to ensure a bright working environment.

Piaa bulbs are great fun for your car headlights, giving you a personalized lighting system. Fluorescent light bulbs can also be used in your automobile, or projector.

A projector lamp should have long lasting lightbulbs, which require few replacements. Compare prices on specialty bulbs from Piaa, or fluorescent light bulbs, by using our online manufacturers.

Projector Lamps

Projectors are used in schools and hospital emergency equipment. Bulbs can easily be replaced, eliminating the need to buy a new projector.

Projector bulbs come in 8mm and 16mm, LCD overhead bulbs, slide projector bulbs, DSW and FXL, rear TV bulbs and multi-use bulbs.

If a projector is used regularly, it would be a good idea to have replacement bulbs nearby. Buying quality bulbs will ensure that they last longer.

When you shop for bulbs, keep in mind:

  • Voltage
  • Manufacturer
  • Model number
  • Filament shape
  • Bulb size

If you don’t want to replace your projector bulb too often, buy your bulbs from the quality manufacturers in our buyer’s guide.

Piaa Bulbs

Piaa produces a wide range of light bulbs that add color and style to your car.

You can personalize your automobie with a bright white glow streaming from your headlights. With a Piaa bulb in funky colors like plasma blue or amber tones, you can add a unique touch to your car.

For a more stylish look, use fog lights and wedge bulbs.

Fluorescent Bulbs

Fluorescent lights may be a more inferior quality of lighting, however they are more efficient than incandescent lighting.

What should you choose? Go with top quality full spectrum fluorescent bulbs to get the best lighting.


Where do you turn when you need replacement projector lamps, fluorescent bulbs and Piaa bulbs?

Look in our buyers guide for a great line of lightbulbs manufactured by: Proxima, Phillips, Greenlight, JVC, Davis, NEC, Sharp, Toshiba, Sanyo, Philips, Fujitsu, ELH, Canon, Runco, 3M, EKE, ENX, Ushio, Apollo, Piaa, and Sony.

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